Thanks to the many people who have supported Bounce! These people have contributed their ideas, time and money to help bring Bounce 2: Notes to life!

  • A Morselink
  • Alex
  • Casey Carlin
  • D & S Murphy
  • Dirk
  • Jake Federico
  • Jason Waltman
  • Jesse Hallet
  • Joseph McGough
  • Kevin O’Sullivan
  • Kristen Wells
  • M Noivad
  • Max Juchheim
  • Mindy Allwine Moran
  • Mr. Maxwell
  • Musty the Mustang
  • Nixon Hazard
  • Olivia Murphy
  • Pedro Russo
  • Scott Peterson
  • T. R. Clark
  • Teiki
  • Teri Timar
  • Tim Keenan
  • Travis Buck
  • Tyler Costin
  • Z. Wood

One thought on “Contributors

  1. Well done doesn’t seem to be adequate enough of a compliment to all of the developers who worked so hard ( obviously ) on the app ‘ Bounce 2’!!. I LOVE this app ! I was looking for an app with glowing musical notes and happened upon this gem . I hemmed and hawed about whether I should spend the buck incase it turned out to be a crummy app , now I’m so glad I purchased it !! You all did such an AMAZING job on this one ! It is so cool ! It’s like a fantasy when I’m discovering all of it’s secrets ! The only issue I have with it is the printing on the controls is a bit difficult to read , other than that it is like being in a surreal wonderful dream state where everything is music , stars and flags that bounce and glow every colour !
    Thank you so very much for the joy that this app is bringing me , it is EXQUISITE ! I also gave it a glowing review which I hope shows up .
    All the best in the future ! Now I’m gonna go play with my app !!

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